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[Noob Question] What is the difference between.

E85 is ethanol, you can't use ethanol gas in regular cars. Most if not all cars will say what to use and what not to use in the gas cap, if not check the manual. Flexfuel is also a popular term for Ethanol gas. You can put higher octane in a gas tank, like 91 in 87. It won't do anything if your car is tuned/programmed for 87 though. The higher. 21.06.2009 · I live in Colorado and just bought a 2007 Toyota Corolla. The lowest octane level in my city is 85, whereas other places it's normally 87. Is it ok to fill my tank with 85 octane gas? I know it has something to do with the altitude but I still don't know. And, later this month I plan to take a road trip to texas. If I have 85 octane. What will happen if I use 87 gasoline in a car that take E85 gas? 87 gasoline refers to the octane of the fuel. E85 is up to 85% ethanol and may have a variety of octane. You may use non-ethanol gas 87 octane regular fuel in your E85 vehicle. Yo.

04.06.2008 · I just purchased an 06 Supercrew XLT with the bigger V8. I see that they recommend 87 octane. I have no idea why, but here in Utah 85 octane is the norm and the 87 costs 15-20 cents more per gallon and of course there is 89 octane as well for anothe 15 cents. Politics aside, the fact is that fossil fuels reserves aren't getting any bigger or easier to come by. This basic truth of the automotive age has all but turned every chemical engineer at every fuel company in the world into a sort of petroleum Pizarro, always searching for that mythical City of Gold. But recent. 05.08.2009 · Near me, 87 octane is the lowest, then it's 91, then 93,94,95. If your manual says to use 87, then you should use 87. By degrading the octane it affects the way it's burned in the cylinders and your gas mileage and performance of the vehicle will suffer. You have sadly been mislead with every answer to date. You should NOT use 85 or 86 in a car that requires 87, even at higher altitudes. I just moved from Los Angeles, CA to Denver, CO and have done a lot of research on this. Basically, 85 and 86 w.

E85 vs. Gasoline Comparison Test article on. In short, should America bet the farm on ethanol? Or are there unforeseen problems with this "flex fuel"? 21.07.2012 · 87 vs 91 Octane Gas. When it comes to gas, you can choose between a lower octane gas or opt for a higher octane rating. Two common octane ratings are 87 and 91. The main difference between 87 and 91 octane gas is just the additive that they add to it. They are still the same unleaded gasoline that will work on your car. Here in Colorado, gas stations sell "regular" gasoline which is rated at 85 octane MR/2. In most of the rest of the US, 87 octane is the lowest grade available. As noted previously, higher octane fuel can withstand higher compression without detonation.. “It seems that we do get better fuel mileage using 87 octane.” To me that suggests that your engine is running less efficiently on 85 than on 87. More efficiency means not only better operation but also cleaner operation internally. Ergo, for your engine it’s a better fuel. To me that makes it worth the extra 15 cents. There are many stories and anecdotes and what fuel octane is best and what effects it has on a vehicle. One of the most common discussions is whether higher octane will give you a benefit. There are many myths about fuel octane and power and gas mileage and I will try to.

Fuel Octane 85 vs 87 octane - Ford F150 Forum.

Selecting the Right Octane Fuel What is octane rating? Octane rating is the measure of a fuel's ability to resist "knocking" or "pinging" during combustion, caused by the air/fuel mixture detonating prematurely in the engine. In the U.S., unleaded gasoline typically has octane ratings of 87 regular, 88–90 midgrade, and 91–94 premium. Nearly every gas station in America will have some form of range from 87 to 93. To put it in perspective, racing fuel uses 100 octane, and gas in Third World countries can dip below 85.

05.10.2017 · 91 OCTANE vs 87 OCTANE: 0 to 60 mph TEST! In this video, I compare Premium Gas 91 OCTANE to Regular Gas 87 OCTANE with a 0 to 60 mph TEST! Join the movem. The local gas station offers 85, 87 and 91. Why is that? I called the Wyoming Dept of Agriculture and they told me that 85 Octane is the legal minimum octane rating for motor fuel in Wyoming. I asked them why that was and the reply was altitude. He referred me to an ASTM publication but told me the information was proprietary. Altitude. You would in a sense be ruining your mileage because it can’t combust as much gas because it doesn’t combust until there is more compression. There are reasons why engineers set cars to run on 87 octane, vs 91 octane, and it isn’t to set the poor vs the rich, and yes, it does go beyond compression ratios etc. 25.05.2012 · Last week she noticed a big bump in MPG by using 89 vs. the 87 octane. I, too, find an 8% increase in my Pathfinder when I use Prem. So that justifies the additional cost. Some say the extra octane doesn’t help them. That may be true in their case. You just have to experiment for yourself to find the answer. Seems the answer is vehicle dependent.

Krypton-85 is also used to inspect aircraft components for small defects. Krypton-85 is allowed to penetrate small cracks, and then its presence is detected by autoradiography. The method is called "krypton gas penetrant imaging". The gas penetrates smaller openings than the liquids used in dye penetrant inspection and fluorescent penetrant. 85 vs 87 octane in Utah Just purchased a new car. Says it needs 87 octane. in Utah i hear a lot of talk given our standard grade fuel is 85 octane. standard is 87 in most of US people argue due to altitude 85 functions as 87. E85 is an abbreviation typically referring to an ethanol fuel blend of 85% ethanol fuel and 15% gasoline or other hydrocarbon by volume. In the United States, the exact ratio of fuel ethanol to hydrocarbon may vary according to ASTM 5798 that specifies the allowable ethanol content in E85 as.

30 Car Mysteries Solved: Low Octane Fuel at High Altitudes PM senior automotive editor Mike Allen tackles readers questions on cars and pickups with heat and cooling problems, gas and battery. 85 gas 60 do 60 44 170 130 50 240 87 m64x3 84 6 7,46 85 gas 70 do 70 49 195 154 55 278 105 m80x3 100 6 11,30 85 gas 80 do 80 55 210 176 60 305 125 m90x3 110 6 15,46 85 gas 90 do 90 60 250 206 65 363 150 m100x3 130 5 27,41 85 gas 100 do 100 70 275 230 70 400 170 m110x4 138 7 34,26. So some of our local gas stations have started to carry E15 octane 88 gasoline along with regular E10 87, 89, and 93. Is it ok to use E15 in place of E10? My manual for my 09 Focus SE specifically mentions maximum of 10%.

I checked online, read a bit about engine knocking and whatnot, and was determined that's what I'd do, and the previous seller also filled it with premium gas so it has been well taken care of thus far. This morning I stopped at a local gas station to refill it for the first time. My fuel octane choices were 87, 89, or 93. Oh no! I probably. 04.01.2011 · Hello all, So, I've noticed-and been reading-of gas prices going up. I've been running premium 91 octane in Colorado, simply because it was an 8:1 compression engine rebuilt to 8.5:1 compression per the prev owner and records. With this "higher" compression in mind, does it really matter whether I run Colorado's choices of 85,87, or. E85 or flex fuel is a term that refers to high-level ethanol-gasoline blends containing 51% to 83% ethanol, depending on geography and season see Fuel Properties and E85 Flex Fuel Specification. It can be used in flexible fuel vehicles FFVs, which are available from domestic and foreign automakers.

05.04.2014 · I'm heading to EJS next week. Trailering the Jeep. 2011 JK. Here in Michigan 87 Octane is Regular. I understand that in Moab it might be 86? I usually fill up before my trips, but was wondering if I should. Will there be any real difference between the 2 octanes at.

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