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Value Innovation encourages organisations to seekstrategies in ‘Blue’ rather than ‘Red’ oceansRED OCEAN STRATEGY BLUE OCEAN STRATEGYCompete in existing market space Create uncontested market spaceBeat the competition Make the competition irrelevantExploit existing demand Create and capture demandMake the value cost trade-off Break the. The six paths framework in formulating blue ocean strategy are 1 Look across alternative industries, 2 Look across strategic groups within industry, 3Look across buyer groups, 4 Look across complementary product and service offerings, 5Look across the functional-emotional orientation of an industry and 5Look across time to shape trends. Blue Ocean Strategy is both a call-to-action and a guide-to-action. Its call to action has been taken up by businesses, by governments, and by individuals all over the world. The frameworks, tools and process of Blue Ocean Strategy have provided a roadmap on how to systematically escape a red ocean of bloody. Implementing the blue ocean strategy is, simply put, a gargantuan task. But many companies have done their homework and succeeded thanks to this strategy. Blue Ocean Strategy vs. Red Ocean Strategy. The value of having a blue ocean strategy is better understood when compared to a red ocean strategy. Here’s a neat little summary for each strategy.

Die Marktpositionierung der Hotelkette Motel One als Beispiel für die Blue Ocean Strategy - Catherine Bouchon - Seminararbeit - BWL - Unternehmensführung, Management, Organisation - Arbeiten publizieren: Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit, Hausarbeit oder Dissertation. The cornerstone of blue ocean strategy is "value innovation", a concept originally outlined in Kim & Mauborgne's 1997 article "Value Innovation - The Strategic Logic of High Growth". Value innovation is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost, creating value for both the buyer, the company, and its employees, thereby opening up new and uncontested market space. TWO WORLDS Red Ocean Compete in crowded markets Blue Ocean Create and capture new market space 3.

In order to understand these characteristics, knowledge of Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas is essential. You can learn more about Strategy Canvas here. To unlock a blue ocean, the company’s value curve should depict these three characteristics. Focus. A good strategy should have a strong focus, and a company’s strategic profile should clearly. A blue ocean strategy brings with it considerable barriers to imitation. Some of these are operational, and others are cognitive. When imitators persist, monitor value curves and focus on lengthening, widening, and deepening your share through operational and geographical expansion until value-innovation is your last resort. DON’T DO DRUGS.

A Strategy Canvas can be built in QuickScore our Balanced Scorecard Software tool. A strategy canvas is basically a line graph that plots functions/factors against importance for a company or an organisation and then overlays competitors or industry benchmarks. In this way, information can be built to help formulate a competitive strategy. Table 1 elaborates on Cloudera’s approach to Factors of Competition represented in its strategy canvas. Cloudera’s new value curve epitomizes three characteristics of a good blue ocean strategy; focus as reflected in higher offering levels, divergence in the shape of the value curve relative to that of competitors, and a compelling tagline. This is particularly interesting from a strategy point of view because it's a wonderful example of a so-called blue ocean strategy a concept introduced by Kim & Mauborgne which I mentioned here and here. The graphic below done with the following Blue Ocean Excel template illustrates Nintendo's Wii strategy and is almost self-explanatory.

19.11.2017 · The book "Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant" came out in 2005 and was written by Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim. Blue Ocean Strategy. Value Curves Blue Ocean Strategy. The term value curve appears in three key Harvard Business Review articles by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, as well as their 2005 book – Blue Ocean Strategy. The value curve is a tool for strategic managers to see visually how their strategy works in relation to close com petitors.

Die Umsetzung der Blue Ocean Strategy in der Kreuzfahrtindustrie am Beispiel von AIDA Cruises - Armin Skierlo - Hausarbeit - BWL - Unternehmensführung, Management, Organisation - Arbeiten publizieren: Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit, Hausarbeit oder Dissertation. The Blue Ocean Strategy argues that consumers don’t have to choose between value and affordability. If a company can identify what consumers currently value and then rethink how to provide that value, differentiation and low cost can both be achieved. This is termed “value innovation.” You have a framework to test ideas. Die Blue Ocean Strategie, entwickelt von W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, ist ein Instrument im Business Development. Die Grundidee der Blue Ocean Strategie ist, dass Unternehmen keinen Konkurrenzkampf in stark umkämpften Märkten Red Ocean suchen, sondern neue Märkte Blue Oceans schaffen und den Kunden innovative Produkte anbieten. Start studying 4 Blue ocean strategy. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. “Value innovation requires companies to orient the whole system toward achieving a leap in value for both buyers and themselves.” ― W. Chan Kim, Blue Ocean Strategy: How To Create Uncontested Market Space And Make The Competition Irrelevant.

  1. Once you have this information, now you can recreate your value curve on the strategy canvas. from Kim & Marborgne See how different the Red Ocean and Blue Ocean Value Curves are? These represent both the old Red Ocean and new Blue Ocean value propositions to the customers. It is easy to see the difference and to show this to the entire.
  2. If we create a value curve for the T-shirt market, the key factors every organisation competes on are generally: Product Range, Product Size, Price Point, Delivery, Screen Printing and Digital Marketing channels. Source: Blue Ocean. Competitors have been put into one generic category and are listed in blue. Due to the competitive nature of the sector, price-point for many is where the competition is and.
  3. Another company that created a blue ocean shift is Home Depot, which made an original value-cost frontier that led to the multibillion-dollar DIY market, according to Kim.

Path 2: Look Across Strategic Groups within Industry Path 5: Rethinks the functional-emotional orientation of its industry Six Paths Path 1: Look Across Alternative Industries Emotional Path 4: Look Across Complementary Product and Service Offerings Curves created a low cost. Quicken’s Value Curve. Sometimes companies can create totally new industries, as eBay did with the online auction industry. But in most cases, a blue ocean is created from within a red ocean when a company alters the existing industry boundaries. VALUE CURVE STRATEGY CANVAS 4 ! The strategy canvas is both a diagnostic and an action framework for building a compelling blue ocean strategy. ! It captures the current state of play in the known market space. This allows you to understand where the. The new tool, which we label strategic value curve analysis, is most effective when used in conjunction with traditional strategy tools such as the Five Forces Porter, 2008 and PESTEL and newer strategy tools such as Blue Ocean Strategy Kim & Mauborgne, 2005 to improve a firm's top line growth. 2. The strategy.

When to use Blue Ocean Strategy. If you focus on how to beat the competition as part of strategy development this will typically lead you to a red ocean strategy. If desired, senior management should deliberately steer strategy towards blue ocean to avoid red ocean strategy and weakening all the players in the existing marketplace. The strategy canvas is both the start and the end point of a Blue Ocean Strategy formulation. An initial value curve depicts where the industry competes on and invests in. It is then transformed via the eliminate-reduce-raise-create actions framework. The resulting value curve shows a focused effort that diverges from existing market offerings.

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